The ants go marching....

The past two days I have been battling those little tiny sugar ants in the kitchen.
I thought I had found their source, some of Nate's peppermint candy.
The candy removed, cabinets scrubbed down, and all was looking up.
That was until I flipped the kitchen light last night and there they were walking all around.
They were just streaming all over the cabinet, counter top and sink.
Clean up the ants, spray some areas, cross fingers that this does it and off to bed I go.
Nothing in the morning but by dinner time you got it they were back.
All that kept going through my head was the song The Ants Go Marching.
No more Mrs. Nice Mom... I brought out the heavy bug spray.
I hit every spot I could find inside and out to make sure they would not be back.
It's been 6 hours and counting without a sign of an ant.
*crosses fingers*
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