Raisins...yes, really raisins...

I have learned to eat raisins at my young ripe age of $!.
You might be thinking but they are wonderful, how could you not like them?
Honestly, as long as I can remember I would never eat them.
My mom would place that tiny red box in my lunch in grade school. *shudder*
The first thing I would be to trade them or simply give them away.
My DH loves oatmeal, raisin cookies and I do make them every so often for him.
Notice I state for him, I would never touch them (unless I was really desperate for something sweet and could not find anything else) because they have raisins.
What came over me?
Um... I really don't know.
Last month, I opened a bag of raisins, ate a few (like 6) and decided they were fine.
A week later, I then ate a small handful and it was not that bad at all.
I went on to eating a tiny box, ate them all in one sitting and I liked them.
Yeah, really I did eat them all in one sitting and like them.
I have since begun to eat about a tiny box every other day and I really do like them!
Who knew that I would end up eating raisins all these years later?
Not me, that is for sure.

James Hazel said...

According to my sources, your taste buds replace themselves every 7 years or so. Accordingly, our appreciation for foods should change at that frequency also. Now, if my buds would only change enough to kill the bitter taste of yogurt and the awful, awful taste of tomatoes ... ;-)

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