Blue Cheese....

As long as I can remember I have always loved adored blue cheese.
My grandfather was the one who had me eating it at a very young age - four I think.
He would crumble up some in my hand; I would pop it in my mouth and enjoy the wonderful flavors that would tickle my taste buds.
It was always a wonderful treat we shared together and my grandmother would always wonder what we were up to in the kitchen. :-)
You can bet that my favorite salad dressing is blue cheese and that every once in a while I will purchase some and nibble on it.
One thing we enjoy doing is place about a tablespoonful in the center of ground beef and then shape into a hamburger.
If you have never tried it, wanted to but never gotten around to it or never heard of it, you have to give it a try!!
Blue cheese is not as bad as you think, really!

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