Reliving FarmVille over and over and over....

I will admit that I am one of the many that plays FarmVille and Farm Town on Facebook.
I'm not sure what was going on with my farm last night on FarmVille besides the fact it was beginning to drive me insane.
Really, I was one crazy woman over it.
You see I had artichokes and eggplants that were ready to harvest.
Get the harvester which makes harvesting easy, then my pink tractor for plowing and last I plant some sees.
Out of sink with the server, so it puts me back to square one.
Repeat steps one, two and three, then decide to harvest my trees..
Sweet, done and I move on with my night or so I thought.
DH goes in to help my farm and tells me I have eggplants and artichokes to harvest.
You have to be kidding me, log back in, and whoa! there is my farm needing to be harvested.
Repeat yet again the harvesting of my veggies and trees there will be no planting.
I've done that twice already and will not be doing that again.
Hold my breath (not too long) click into a different game and then go back to my farm.
Nothing has been done, zip, zilch, zero, nothing.
All of the plants are sitting there waiting to be harvested and my trees are full of fruit.
One last time and that will be it.
Complete, wait a few minutes this time, click out of game then back in and ....
You got it, the veggies were there just looking at me.
This whole situation reminded me of Groundhog Day the movie.
I was not reliving the day, I was reliving having to harvest over and over and over again.
My plants were not harvested, with my luck they will be dead in the am and out the money.
Ah, the life of a modern day computer farmer.

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