Can't Live Without It....


We started using Goody's when we moved here twelve years ago, it's a Southern thing.
Why do I say that?
Honestly, I have not found this any place else in but the southern United States.
One little packet with a glass of water and poof!
Aches, pains, headaches and sinus headaches gone within twenty minutes.
This stuff is like gold, really it is.
We have convinced various family members to try it when they have been visiting us and all they can ask is, " Where can I get some?"
What makes it so good is a mixture of asprin, caffeine, and acetaminophen.
The best part is that they now make it in a cool orange flavor which is hands down better tasting than the original.

I wub my Goody's.

yeah, I used a packet today which is where I got my inspiration for the post. ;->

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