New for my keys....

I have been missing my Palmetto key chain for about two months now.
You see right before we left for Pa, we went to a major box chain store for an oil change for my car. (Not something we normally do but we were short on time.)
When my keys were returned to me I noticed something was missing and finally it struck me.
My key chain!
I looked down on the carpet and there it was broken in two.
I was not sure what I wanted to replace it with but finally last week I went shopping at SewMuchDetail on Etsy.
Sandee (the owner) has a wonderful selection and was a dream to work with back when I was looking for a gift for Spencer's teacher.
I found what I was looking for in a matter of seconds, placed my order, received a nice email and then two days later poof! it was in my hands. :)
I am more than thrilled with my purchase and she even placed a Palmetto Tree on it for me.
How cool is that?
If you are in the market for a new key chain I highly recommend SewMuchDetail.

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