Toby's Cup...

Right off of Rt. 22 West (Memorial Hwy) in Phillipsburg, NJ there is a great place to get a hot dog, Toby's Cup.

Now, they are not really heart healthy (they are deep fried) but they are sooo (insert moutwatering) good.

The dogs are served with a pickle wedge, chopped onions (not strong at all) and mustard.
You will not find french fries here but you can get chips, hamburgers, excellent shakes and ice cold Cokes (in a can).

You can request that items to be held off the dog but honestly, that is what makes them.

Dh introduced me to them while dating in high school, and then every so often when we lived in Bethlehem, PA we would drive over and get one a few.

We treat the boys every so often to a dog (they also have developed a fondness for them) when we are back in the area.

So, if you are ever in that part of the area, stop in and give them a try!

More reviews here: HollyEats.com and Yelp.com .

*Sorry about the pictures, I had to use my phone to snap them.

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