Cute Coin Purse...

I was in the market for a cute coin purse to keep some restaurant coupons nice and neat inside my purse.
Crazy me, I thought about making one but by time I bought the material, zipper and lost my hair over the whole thing I would be much better off buying one. *grin*
Off I went to Etsy (love this site) and began sifting through the many coin purses offered by so many talented artists.
I wanted something unique and you know was "me."
This cute little coin purse by The Dainty Squid was perfect!
Nesting dolls are something I enjoy and have a few of so it was a no brainer for me.
My coin purse arrived quickly, tucked in a cello bag and nicely made.

Check out The Dainty Squid on Etsy.

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