Rice Cooker Heaven...

This is my newest toy and I love it!
We had a different steamer to make rice and veggies and that died apparently after the last time I used it but never found out until I went to make rice in it.
Put the water in, rice, turn on the timer and zip-nothing happened.
(I am not able to make perfect rice in a pot on the stove like my mom.
No matter how hard I try it turns into a big messy glob. Not a pretty site by any imagination.)

So, we were in the market for a nice new rice cooker and we found one.
We zipped into Costco for some items and this Aroma Rice Cooker on the shelf looking at me.
The cooker was an excellent price and looked like a really nice one.
How could I resist?
I have to say the last eight times we have made rice they have all turned out perfect.
I'm such a happy camper and the family is enjoying rice again.

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