Soy Tea Lights...

I have wanted to make tea lights for quite some time but never seemed to have the time.
Yesterday however I was able to squirrel away some time to attempt making them.
I used my regular soy wax (CB135), tiny tea light cups, and wicks that were recommended for tea lights.
It seems like everything went according to plan, now I have to sit and wait a week before I can give them a burn.
(The longer a soy candle sits the better the fragrance becomes and we all want a higher scented fragrance.)
Anywho.. I used one type of wick with Grammy's Strawberry Jam and a different wick with Blueberry Muffin.
I also know that the same wick will not always work properly with other fragrances so more testing will be involved. I have at least attempted to make my first soy tea lights and with some finger crossing they will burn evenly and properly.
I will keep you posted.
Oh! I and I even remembered to put the wick number on the bottom of the tea cups so that I can remember which one was which. (I was using my noggin yesterday!)

The remaining wax that I had I made into tarts and let me tell you everything I made smells so mouthwateringly good.

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