Apple Picking Time Again!!!

Ahh... I love the time of year when we can go pick apples.
mmmm... apples

We got up early and headed north to Skytop Orchard in North Carolina.

The dew was still on apples and grass, the sun was out bright and the apples were just waiting to be picked.

We grabbed our baskets and headed off into the orchard.

There were no crowds and it was simply wonderful to be surrounded by silence. Sure every so often a rooster would crow but it was so relaxing to be outdoors picking apples.

The trees are simply loaded with apples!
We ended up picking Ginger Crisps and Gala apples this trip, we will be going back at the end of September to gather up some more before the apple season is gone for us.

Apples already picked just waiting to be taken home.

SkyTop Orchard is in Zirconia, NC (near Hendersonville, NC).

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