We actually did it!

On Monday, you would have found us in this area, our crawl space.
It was not fun; it was humid, dusty, and very cramped.
(Next house must have a basement. period.)
Our water heater had been going for a bit of time and this past week it finally bit the dust.
Dh said that we could do it ourselves.
Me, I had some reservations but trusted dh's abilities.
So, dh went and picked up the water heater and the fun began.
It took about four hours by time we drained the old heater, moved it out and then three trips to the local big box hardware store to get the proper hoses.
Move new heater in, level heater, hook up and turn on electric.
Not to mention cross our fingers and toes to make sure all will go well.
Flip switch, wait 30 minutes and ....
Skippy! We now have hot water and lots of it again. :)
We did it; we really did do it as a family!
I must say I gave all of us a big pat on our backs.

See you later old water heater it was wonderful knowing you.

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