The past week has been quite stressful getting the hang of the online school year.
It was bumpy there is no doubt about it, getting lessons straight, finding the answers, making sure both kiddos were in their online lessons at the proper time, and me not going into melt down zone.
We were all happy when the weekend arrived and we could let out a deep sigh that the first week was over.
They did have their first tests and some quizzes, can you believe it?
This week is off to a smooth start (knocking on wood) and looking forward to seeing how the rest of the days will go.
We finished right on time so it was the perfect time to pull out some soap supplies and make a batch.
Relaxation time!
(I've been itching for quite a few weeks to make a loaf and this felt so good today.)
I made a pretty white bar that was scented with Brambleberry's Grapefruit Lilly. I absolutely love this fragrance; it is such a wonderful mix of the two scents.
If all goes well, I will share with you the results tomorrow.

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