Taking a break...

I am going to take a tiny break this weekend from it all.

I really need it.

Let me just say that yesterday would not win me any mother of the year awards.

I ended up becoming really dizzy while waiting for Spencer in the car (scared me to pieces), having him hop in the car and then me getting violently ill (not a pretty sight).

Poor kid was so scared; thank goodness we live really close to the school because I was able to zip home. I had him call dh to tell him I needed him to pick up Nate. I was not in any shape to drive, still dizzy and my neck was hurting so bad.

In the end I think this is a tiny wake up call for me to try to tone back my type A personality and get myself looked at for why I tend to get dizzy so easy (yesterday, was by far the worst.)

This morning I feel a little better, at least I can get up without swaying and my head is not spinning around.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be back and posting on Monday, but for this weekend I need to step away from it all.

Enjoy your weekend and hugs to all.

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