10 Already?!

Holy Cow! Where does time go?!

He is two and on his favorite chair in this picture.

Yesterday, Spencer turned 10.

Do you recall what I said last Saturday?


Then go here to read the post and then come back to finish reading. ;->

Yeah, I’m making you work. Lol..

I felt old yesterday.

Got to thinking, I was thirty when he was born, now I’m forty and when he is twenty I will be *gasp* fifty.

Time is going a bit too fast for my liking.

That period of thinking was short because he had me hopping.

I was able to take him in lunch and eat with him outside at school. (One cool thing with the school is that you can go and have lunch with your child.) I had to decorate the cupcakes made the night before for his class, bake and decorate his cake (nothing like the last minute to let me know) and get a few gifts. The only item he had asked for was a skateboard, nothing else but that board.

The cake he requested was to be chocolate and vanilla with no icing but decorations.

My children do not like any type of icing so we normally compromise. I can decorate the cake and they do not have to eat the icing. Is that not so wrong?!

I bought on Wednesday a checkerboard cake pan set, this way he could have the two types of cakes. I found a stencil for a soccer ball to add to the top and the green decorators icing for the writing.

I thought the cake turned out pretty cool.

Thrilled to have a skateboard and even better it has the skyline of Seattle on it, his favorite city to visit. :-)

Happy Birthday Big Guy!!

Love you bunches!!
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