I did it!!

After many attempts that always ended up in failure I finally made the perfect gravy last night!!

I have tried many times with the results being pasty, watery, lumpy or just plain awful in every way imaginable. *shudders*

Dh is normally recruited to make gravy in the house but he was not home last night so it was up to me.*gulp*

I really had a taste for gravy with our roast beef.

I read a few recipes online and decided to give it a go. *fingers were crossed*

All was progressing quite nicely when the phone rang normally this would mean a disaster but in this case all kept working out just fine.

Dh wanted to let me know he was leaving work, we chatted for a few seconds and I mentioned about making gravy and using a recipe.

He chuckled at me and inquired why I would need one because it was so easy to make.

Perhaps for some but not for me dear.

I remained calm and cool then stated because I am never successful at making it and really wanted it to turn out right.

He told me alright and let me go so I could concentrate on my wonderful creation.

Back on task, I whisked the end out of the drippings with added milk and poof! Gravy.

I have to admit that I did place a wee bit too much pepper in (love pepper but not that much) – spicy. Lol..

Finally, I know how to do it and have the confidence that I will be able to make it again.

Next up: how to make the perfect meatballs. (This one is going to take me much longer but some day I will conquer them!)

So what did I do?

2 Tbl drippings put in a pot over medium heat.

2 Tbl of corn starch whisked in until thickened.

Then added rest of drippings (should really defat this but I did not bother last night)

Slowly while whisking the whole time.

Then add in milk-water- or beef broth to thin it down to the right consistency. I added about ¾ cup of milk.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Be careful of that pepper :-0

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