Packaging Groceries...

Below is a question that I always like to ask myself.

Why do they place glass jars next to each other in the grocery bags?!

I have to tell you that this situation really burns my biscuits!

Can’t tell you how many times I have driven home to find jars cracked or busted wide open with contents splashed about. *grrr!*

I ask nicely to please not place them together but that seems to go politely unnoticed.

Now I take my purchases out to the car and repack some of the bags so that they will not be near each other.

It is way too risky to have them side by side while they are heading back to the house.

You know I remember when my brother got his first job at the a P&C grocery store in Upstate NY (when we lived up there) and he had to learn how to bag properly.

What to place in the bottom, what went on top, what not to pack together the whole nine yards.

Does anyone not do that anymore?

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