Cupcake Carriers....

Cupcakes are a terrific treat to take to parties, picnics, or any gathering.

Actually, they can go anywhere at anytime in my book.

I mean who can resist that tiny bit of sweetness?!

The problem however is how to get them there all safe and sound.

I remember when I was in grade school many of the parents sent in the cupcakes in a shirt box with Saran-Wrap over top. *ah, memories*

I also remember the frosting sticking to the top when the teacher would pull off the wrap or that some of the cupcakes would be flipped over. (such a tragic end for such a wonderful treat.)

Thank goodness that the times have changed for cupcake transportation. (thank goodness, it’s never a good day when a cupcake goes down.)

I have two carriers and yes, they are the ones you see in the photo.

The rectangle carrier was purchased because I could not find the handle to the larger carrier.
(I am always putting things away but not necessarily where they belong.)

Now, the rectangle carrier will carry only 24 cupcakes, but when your child has 26 in a class we have an issue and must resort to the larger box.

The larger Piatto Bakery Box rocks, seriously it does. I was able to find the handles earlier this year while cleaning out some shelves in the laundry room. This box will hold one double layer cake or up to 30 cupcakes! The only issue is that the boys hate to carry it back home; they say it is too big. I used this box last week to take in the cupcakes to Spencer’s class.

These were some of the best investments that I have made, no more downed cupcakes.

These are just a few new carriers out there that will help you get your sweet treats safely to their desired destination.The cupcake courier is a beauty that holds 36 cupcakes and comes in a variety of colors!

This triple cupcake carrier from Lakeside Collections carries 27 cupcakes and it is friendly on the wallet.

Want to pack a single cupcake in a lunch but not sure how. A cup-a-cake container is the answer to your problem.

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