Sweet Tea...

One thing I have learned to really, really enjoy while living in the South is sweet tea.

Now, you are probably thinking what’s the big deal?!

All you have to do is just add some sugar, mix and drink.

Oh no, it is way beyond that.

I grew up in the Northeast and could never stand cold black tea for dinner when it was served.

(Hot tea, now that is something totally different.)

I would choke it down and smile when it was served to me but groan on the inside the whole entire time.

When we moved here (SC), I was like what in the world is sweet tea?!

I had never heard of it before.

My reaction once I had my first glass (in January) was one of questioning.

How could they drink this really sweet stuff?! (Heck, I don’t even drink Kool-Aid)

The next glass I had was on a really warm summer day and at that moment I could totally understand.

It was such a sweet refreshing treat that simply made the heat disappear.

I have also found along the way on the days I am suffering from my whop doozie migraines or severe sinus headaches a big ‘ol glass (as they say here) of sweet tea helps to relieve the pain.

With the leaves starting to fall my sinus are all messed up, so I have been whipping up my own batches of sweet tea.

Ahh, that wonderful sweet goodness.

A bit of history about sweet tea.

This is a recipe that was given to me that makes a perfect pitcher of sweet tea every single time.

3 tea bags

¾ cup sugar


Bring 1-2 cups of water to a boil.

Add in the tea bags, remove from heat and cover.

Sit 10-15 minutes

Pour into a 2 qt pitcher, add sugar and fill with cool water.


Make sure to serve with lots of ice cubes.

** You can also add a pinch of baking soda to the boiled water; this will make a much smoother tasting tea.

Oh! use Luzianne Tea (if you can), I have found it makes the best tasting sweet tea.

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