Happy National Chocolate Day!!

Yes, there really is a day to honor chocolate!

Seriously you have all the right today to go out, enjoy some wonderful chocolate and not feel guilty.

It is of course National Chocolate Day.

I did my part, I tried out a new chocolate bar and it was really good.

So what did I try?

A Ritter Sport with crispy-crunchy cornflakes.

This is a 100 g German milk chocolate bar.

I have had their Milk Chocolate bar before and really enjoyed it, so I simply had to try a different type from them.

The item that caught my attention in the bar was the corn flakes.

Corn flakes + chocolate could it get any better?

The chocolate is so nice and creamy smooth, not overly sweet.

The top portion of the bar is all chocolate..mmm…chocolate.

There are a lot of corn flakes in the bottom of the bar which gives it a really nice crunch.

When you bite through that tiny square you are getting the perfect mix of corn flakes and chocolate.

There are sixteen little squares that make up the square chocolate bar but er, um.. it is really, really hard to simply eat one tiny square at a time. Shh!

This bar is really good when you are in the mood for something different to satisfy that sweet chocolate craving.

Now, I must put the few pieces away before I do any more damage to the bar.

I think your taste buds need to be indulged with any one of the eighteen 100g flavors offered by Ritter-Sport.

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