Kokum Butter Experiment - Recipe

Today I felt a bit creative and the need to try something new.

I had attempted whipped butters before, mostly Shea Butter without much luck.

Now I love Kokum Butter for my heels and purchased some in the spring with the hopes of attempting to make some lotion bars during the summer.

Um, yeah, that never happened.

I flipped over some recipes I had for various whipped butters and said to myself, “Aw heck just wing it.”

So that my friends is what I did, I winged it.

I took out some kokum butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, hempseed oil and my dry-flo.
No shea butter or mango butter on hand *shakes head* how in the world did I let that happen?

There I am left with hard butters but I know it will work perhaps not whipped but the end result should be quite nice.

Added in my hard butters and coconut oil to a pot and used the double boiler method to melt them.

Once the butters were melted, I placed them in a bowl and popped that into the freezer to cool the oils down.

Tossed in the Dryflo and whipped until it became creamy.

As the product cooled down it hardened up a bit, not super hard but defiantly not a whipped consistency anymore.

I will admit to being a bit disappointed (wanted something whipped) but am thrilled with the final product.

Now this creation would be perfect for a push up container but I had to use what was on hand.

I have already used some on my feet and I love it.

I would up the amount of Dryflo used because for me it is still a wee bit greasy.

Defiantly use a push up tube/deodorant container for packaging.

Perhaps try to add in some Shea butter the next time around, it is a thought.

If you do not have Dryflo you can simply use corn starch. I have always used Dryflo in my lotion bars and is what I have on hand.

This is the recipe that I came up with

1.2 oz Kokum Butter

.5 oz Cocoa Butter

.5 oz Coconut Oil

1 tsp. Hempseed oil

2 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil

3 Tbsp Dryflo

1 tsp fragrance oil

Melt the first three ingredients, add in oils and place in freezer until chilled.

Remove, add in Dryflo, and whip with mixer on high speed.

If you are using a container, you can whip the product.

If using a push up tube/deodorant container there is no need to whip product so long.

Once you add in the Dryflo, mix well, let cool a little and pour into container.

That’s it!

Have fun with the recipe. *smile*

*UPDATE* I used the product again last night. Whoa! It is really thick and hard but melts on skin contact like a dream. I would highly recommend putting the product only in a push up tube, too hard to scoop out of a container. Ask me how I know. lol...

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