I'm back... sort of...

I stayed true to my words; I took a break from everything, which for me is something really unheard of.

I slept, a lot.

Dh and the boys were in charge of all meals and clean up patrol afterwards.

Honestly, I think I will relinquish cooking and clean up on weekends to them. They really did a wonderful job. *tips hat*

I slept some more.

Spencer’s team won their soccer game but as hard as it was for me, I stayed home because I was still under the weather.

It appears I have a touch of whatever crud is going around here currently. There was another mom absent from the game on Saturday due to vertigo, vomiting, and upset stomach. She was on some meds dh was told, thank goodness I was not that bad.

Spencer mentioned late on Saturday that some kids and a few teachers had been out with the crud, too.

I still can’t eat anything but am slowly starting to feel like I am a human.

My fingers are crossed that this does not hit your family.


The only bad thing is that our cable went out early yesterday (Sunday) afternoon and is still out. :-/

This did allow me to write up a menu for dinners for the next two weeks, get my coupons organized and write up the grocery list. It’s nice to be on top of stuff for once.

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