Thinking, thinking....

This morning, I kept going back into the refrigerator for various items for breakfast and making lunches.

Twice I went inside and poked around, forgetting to pull out what I needed. (I can’t be getting old, now can I?!)

Third time is the charm or so they say.

Back in I stuck my head, thinking and thinking about what I needed. (I'm surprised you did not smell the smoke.)

Autumn (our other dog) wandered in by my leg and looked up at me.

I looked at her and said, “Gee girl, I can’t remember anything today.”

Now, I did not hear Nate walk in behind me.

He decided to chime in and say, “What’s your name, mom.”

Huh?! What do you mean what is my name?

In my head, I’m wondering what in the world he is thinking.

He laughed, smiled and said, “Well, you said you couldn’t remember anything. I thought I would test you.”

Arrgh… kids. *laugh*

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