Trust me this is not how you would want to start a weekend but I unfortunately did.

I was woken up at 4:45 am by Teddy licking my feet to go outside.

Fine, fine.. grumbled a bit at him but I stumbled out of bed and headed for the back door.

He was just jumping all around me so I knew it must be serious.

I entered the computer room, making a bee line for the backdoor.

The room is completely dark and I can hear the rain gently falling outside.

Made a mental note that I would need to put the coat on Teddy as I just about reached the door.

At the point I am about to reach for the handle, I smell something awful.

In my head I am thinking, “ Oh man, one of the dogs messed in the house, this is so not like them.”

Right about when I get to the house portion in my head, my hand on door knob, I realize that my foot is in something warm and squishy.

OMG! I just stepped in it.

I threw open the screen door to activate the sensor light so I could see, not that I really wanted to see.

All I could think of was ewwww and to get my foot cleaned up.

I tried to get Teddy out but he was no fool.

He walked over to the area, did a quick sniff and backed up.

Then he looked at me, rolled over, and did his playful growl for his raincoat.

Argh, I am so not in the mood!

I reach for the raincoat and place it on him. He still would not go out.

I tossed the throw rug outside with the mess on it and then reached over for him and placed him on the steps. He had no chance to even think about coming back inside.

Hopped back to the bathroom to wash off my foot and then proceeded to clean the floor up.

Left the dog back inside, removed raincoat, and noticed that it was now 5:30 am.

I decided that it was a wee bit too much excitement for me to handle and went back to bed.

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