Park Seed Trip

Today we were up and outside early doing some yard work.

We had to go out for some more gas for the tractor and decided to stop in at Home Depot for some flowers. While there I had a brain storm (scary, I know), I thought today would be a great day to drive down to Park Seed.

Everyone agreed to the trip, so we finished up the yard, planted the few flowers that we purchased, cleaned up and headed out.

First stop, Subway for a sandwich to eat on the way down.

A wonderful day for a nice ride and roughly fifty minutes later we had arrived at Park Seed.

Grabbed a pull behind cart and off we went looking, admiring and debating on what we wanted to buy.

We did end up with a few goodies to place around the yard. While looking in the

ir retail shop, I found an item that I hinted would be good for Mother’s Day.

What was it?

A Crocs Kneeler, this was so comfy just like their shoes.

Spencer even had me get down and try it out, I am really happy he did.

After we placed our plants in the car, we decided to take a walk through the flower gardens.

They were just beautiful.

Finally, it was time to head home.

Nate was looking for his Nintendo DS before we started out.

He was looking all over in the car and just could not find it.

I asked if he threw it away, since he threw the trash away from the back seat.

Classic reply from Nate, “Well, there was something red in the bag.”

He wanders over to the trash can, finds the bag and Hey! There it was.

*phew* Nintendo found.

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