I see you...

The boys and I were pulling weeds today.

Yeah, I know just a bucket full of fun. *not*

I have this area behind the house that has for the ten years driven me crazy.

This year I am determined to get it cleared out and mulched in.

As the boys are helping me today, Nate decided to take a well deserved break. (Just his fifth break in ten minutes). He is standing on the corner when he yelled out, “Hey, he’s back, the lizard is back.”

Spencer throws the rake down and rushes over to see.

He was totally amazed that he (or she) has grown so much.

I place my weeds in the bucket and walk over to check it out.

Yep, the little lizard was hiding under the gutter.

I quietly went inside the house to grab the camera so I would not disturb our little friend.

These little lizards are so neat, and I look forward to seeing them every year.

Last year, we had three around the house.

What kind of lizard is it? A Green Anole

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