Snip, Snip....

Today was the big day.

I had decided two weeks ago to cut my hair short (no more flip flopping for me).

I had been growing my hair out for over a year, you see I have worn my hair short for years and thought I would just grow it out. I was able get over that awkward in between stage and let it grow down to my shoulders.*gasp*

It was styled in a long bobish style, and then five weeks ago I had it cut to a chin length wedge style bob. (This was my first baby step in going back to short hair.)

Not bad but it just was not doing anything for me. I was frustrated and really despised my hair. I realized that it was time to chop it off!

Armed with pictures from the internet and a magazine full of ideas, I was ready to go short!

My stylist and I looked over my pictures and decided on a cute short style and I still have some bangs. *smile*

I was a bit nervous about what my style would look like but had full faith in my stylist. The first few snips were well, nerve racking. Seeing all those long locks tumble to the floor, made me ask, “what was I thinking?!” NO, no I was not going to go there in my head (sometimes it is an easy place to go); I just want my hair short. I was gripping the handles on the chair pretty hard (not white knuckles but kinda close) as I saw the style take shape, I began to relax and just go with it.

One hour later, I left one thrilled woman! My hair is short, really cute and just perfect.

My hair just feels better and I feel better.

Oh.. what was that you said?

Where is my picture?

Um….yeah, I really dislike having my picture taken. (Blame my dad for that issue.)

So, you will have to wait a bit longer to see who I am. (Just keeping you on your toes.) *wink*

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