Tonight was 6th grade awards night Nate.

It was quite a packed house to say the least.

There were awards for most improved (per team – there are 6 teams for 6th grade), Science Award, Gold & Silver Presidential Awards, Citizenship, Spelling Bee, and a few others.

We knew Nate would receive one for being a participant in the National Geographic Bee held back in February.
He made it to the final round of five out of 45 students!

I was kind of thinking he would have one for being on honor roll but was floored when he was called to receive a Silver Presidential Educational Academic Award. (*thud* I am so proud!)
A sliver award is for maintaining an 84 or above for three marking periods.
You can read more about the award here.

Nate is a quiet, inquisitive young man that just loves to learn and learn and learn.

It is just such a wonderful moment to see your child up on stage receiving an award for all of their hard work. My heart is so full of pride. *sigh*

Congratulations Nate!!

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