It's time to think about....

Nate had his teeth cleaned today, our dentist looked at his bottom row and said, "humm…ah… Well, Mrs. H."
Now, this is not really something I really wanted to hear.

I would have preferred something more like "Wow, your son is doing a great job cleaning those teeth", or "Boy, those teeth sure look like they are coming in nicely, no problems here."

Yeah, um… today was not that lucky day for me.

I was told that Nate has a bit of overcrowding on his bottom row and had we thought about braces.


That six lettered word… B-r-a-c-e-s.


I was secretly hoping that he would not have to go through the ordeal of braces. (I did my year of duty with them on my bottom teeth as a teen.)

I booked our appointment (2 wks away) for a consultation on what needs to be done and all the dirty details.

It really is not that bad, just was not what I wanted to find out.

Braces… oh boy…

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