Camera Accessory Shopping

First up was a new lens.
I know, I know, I have a great lens currently but I want to get closer to the subjects. The lens that came with the camera is 14-45mm which is good but I just could not seem to capture everything I wanted. I have had a few sites bookmarked with a decent deal on a 45-150mm lens ($129), decided today was the day to purchase. Go to my first choice, notice a price increase. Drat! Off to my second choice and they want way more about sixty dollars more. I ended up at Newegg.com, they had the lens and the price I was willing to pay. Great news is that I will have it within three business days. Even better news was that I was able to pay for it with rebate money!

Next was a new camera strap. The one that came with the camera just is not comfortable. Off to Etsy I went and within minutes I had purchased one that I really liked. I will be able to wear it diagonally across my body or around my neck. Sweet!

Finally, I purchased a case for the camera. I figured the way my luck tends to go I had best invest in something. I spent three stressful hours trying to find the “perfect” one. Yes, you did read that correctly, three hours between Newegg, Target Online and Amazon. I was opening and closing and opening windows to see the product details and who had the best price. At long last, I decided on this one from Amazon. My fingers are now crossed that it will work with the camera. A bit more than what I had wanted to pay but I would much rather have the safe camera then a broken one. KWIM?!

I can’t wait until all the goodies arrive and I can put them to good use.

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