Under the Lights

With the rain we have been having on and off this spring, many of the Saturday soccer games have been cancelled. *bummer*
Not to give up hope, they were rescheduled and it was game time tonight under the lights!
It was a beautiful night for a game
After another loss this past Saturday, the team was ready to play! *go team*
They started off really strong, working the ball up and down the field, and scoring the first goal!
They kept it up until the last three minutes of the game, then they lost the lead and their spirit.
The team has lost majority of their games and they came so close tonight to winning.
I must say that it was a tough loss for all.
There are three more games left; our fingers are crossed that the remainder of the year ends on a happy note.
Go Jets!

I really like this tree that is right behind the soccer fields.

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