Uh Mom.....

So, Spencer and I were sitting back, enjoying watching some cartoons together and relaxing this afternoon.

Yes, I still watch cartoons and proud of it. *grin*

He was eating a cherry Airhead, giggling, and then tells me his one tooth was hurting. I inquired if it was loose at all and he nodded his head up and down.

We sat there talking and him chomping away on his airhead.

He then decided to try a watermelon candy and the next think I know he is saying, "Uh Mom."

I looked at him, then his hand where I saw his candy with a white pearly tooth sticking up.


Looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight.

Guess if you are ever stumped on how to remove a stubborn tooth, pick up a pack of Airheads and give one a try.

Elaray said...

I remember when I lost a tooth eating a piece of taffy. I felt something hard in the candy and I spit the tooth out beacuse I didn't know what it was. Luckily, the tooth fairy didn't require any more proof than the gap in my smile!

Sandy said...

Glad to hear that the fairy still paid a visit. :)

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