Pink Soap

I don't know what I was expecting to see when I unmolded the soap today.
I can say that I was not expecting the fragrance to have disappeared. :-(
The color is what I was looking for in pink.
I was going to do layers but opted at the last minute to just pour the pink raw soap in and see what the result would be.
Not bad but am so bummed that the fragrance is gone.
I will wait it out and see if it will return or if this batch will become cubes to add to another batch down the road.
DAG said...

The color looks really nice- kinbd of like the Perfect Fairy Princess Pink! :-) Give it a few days after cutting & see if the scent blooms!

Course.. I do expect a sliver to test...

Sandy said...

Great news... the fragrance is back!

and yes, you will have a nice slice in the mail.

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