New Soap Bars

Sharing some of my soaps, I have made over the past two weeks.

Nothing fancy with these soaps, but they sure smell wonderful.

The fragrances are:


Vera Wang Princess type (darker pink - not enough colorant added)

Tickle Me (read about it & the fragrance is back!)

Peppermint (large crinkle cut bar)

Lavender Vanilla (small cute crinkle bar)

I really need to break the habit of buying fragrance oils that contain vanilla.

You see the vanilla in the fragrance oil tends to make the soap turn brown.

more vanilla in the oil = a darker brown end result.

Sometimes this does not bother me but after awhile looking at all brown soap is well, blah.

I am going to see if I can kick it up a bit today and add some color to some soap.

My fingers are crossed that it comes out somewhat correct.

I will keep you posted.

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