Asian Market Finds

Yesterday, my husband and I were out doing some errands.
We needed to run into a local bread store for a few items and located right next door is an Asian market.
We had been in the market plenty of times before but always with our children. Those trips would always be the quick how about a glance at items or the run in, pick up the item for a recipe and out the door. Today was different, we were able to take our time and really look at what was inside. *smile*

I found two wonderful items and snapped them up in a heartbeat. No second thoughts, no doubts, and no wondering if I should.

The first was my new little tea pot. I love tea and have been coveting this tea pot for a bit now. The first time I saw it was in a magazine while traveling and then on television late last summer. I did a double take when I saw it just sitting there on the shelf. I slowly walked over to the shelf, picked it up, while quietly jumping for joy inside. I did not have to think twice about this purchase, especially since it was only $3.90 – what a deal!

We continue on and what is that?! A crinkle cutter, well that is what I call them. They had two types both stainless steel, which is important when working with cold process soap. The decision was on which to purchase –which for me is never easy. Was I going to buy the one with the colored handle (a smidge smaller cutting blade) or the all stainless steel cutter? As you can see, I went with the colored handle cutter. This little guy set me back only $1.90.

At this point in our trip I was done, ready to head home to try my new goodies.
As soon as we were home, I washed off the new cutter, and used it to cut my peppermint soap. It worked like a charm and now I can do crinkle cuts!

We will be testing out the tea pot today and I am on the search for some loose leaf tea online.

What a great day!

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