Making Bath Bombs

We all love how they fizz, release a wonderful fragrance and moisturize our skin.

The thing is that they are not always the easiest bath and body product to make.

It had been a few months since I last tackled making any and I want to share some with a friend overseas.

I broke out my premixed dry ingredients, fragrance oil, molds and started right away.
(I had some of my dry ingredients mixed before hand and kept them in a Ziploc bag. I went to make them in November but found some items missing.)

The fragrance oil used was watermelon from Bramble Berry; it is my favorite watermelon fragrance. Your mouth begins to water for a nice big juicy slice.

I mixed my Sweet Almond Oil, water, fragrance oil and Shea Butter Oil in a separate container. Then I shake, shake, and shake it until they are opaque in color.

Slowly add the water mixture into the dry ingredients using a whisk. This is the point when Iadd in my colorant-Wilton red food coloring. (Yes, the simple colors you would use for icing.) I put some on a toothpick, rub in an area of mixture and then continue to whisk.

I add the water mixture slow because sometimes I do not add all of it to the dry mix.

Once I have the mixture to a dry sand stage, then the citric acid is added.

I read about this little trick some where online and I have to say it works. Your bombs are less likely to fizz when you are mixing the ingredients and they are nice and hard.

I like to use molds, I have tried many times to use a meatballer and each time it was a total disaster.

Pack the mixture into the molds as hard as you can.
I like let mine sit for about four minutes and then unmold them onto a cookie rack.

With my first batch you can see that a few of the round bombs started to wart. (They are those tiny little bumps.) I realized that our house was a bit too humid that day and they all puffed up quite a bit after the picture was taken.

I decided to put on my bath bomb cap on over the weekend and see what I could do.

It was a much better day!

This time I used Iced Cherry Chip Cake fragrance oil and red Wilton food coloring.

I made sure the ceiling fan was on to help keep away any chance of them getting warts.


They are fun to make and add a nice special treat to your bath.

Go ahead and try some out.

Difference in bath bombs:

The warted one is from last week vs. the one that was done yesterday.

End Notes:

Where is my recipe?! Coastal Scents

They even have pictures to get you started. I can say that I never used a mixer to create my bombs.

I have received many bath bomb recipes to try over the past eight years and this is the one for the past two years that always produces a great end product for me.

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