Creamy Orzo With Ham and Peas

Friday night found me sifting through a mountain of recipes.

I wanted to make Orzo for dinner but for the life of me I could not find my recipe. *grrr*

I knew I had it somewhere but was becoming frustrated for I could not find it in my large recipe book, in my recipe card holder, tucked in the recipes in the drawers or the huge stack of recipes I had printed out.

Fine, I gave up and wandered into our computer room and began to search for a recipe.

I love Recipezaar; I have used so many wonderful recipes from there.

That was the first site I looked into and I was able to locate a recipe in no time.

Back to the kitchen to whip up the meal before my husband was to arrive home.

My youngest was grumbling that he did not like what was for dinner and if he could pass on eating it.

I said to him that perhaps he should try it first before he rules it out.

He pondered that request and told me that it would be fine.

I served up our plates (and there were plenty of leftovers), before I knew it the one child who did not want any was asking for seconds.

This was one meal that was a huge hit!

I must say that I am quite happy I lost my recipe and was able to try a new one.

This one is a keeper and a new favorite for the family.

Check out the recipe.
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