Two Day Review

Well this week has sort of improved since Monday.
Tuesday started off with the ability to NOT find my keys.
I normally stash them in my purse or perhaps on the odd occasion they might be found on the counter.
Not that morning.
Kids made it by their teeth on time to school after I borrowed dh’s keys to his car.
I arrived home to find my keys in my jacket hanging up. You see we both have the same style jacket and I thought I was looking in mine.
It turned out that I was looking in his; I did not realize that he had worn it that day.
Tuesday night my oldest (11) was in a National Geographic Bee.
He was one of thirty from his middle school- which btw is the largest in the state with 1,350 students.
Some of the questions these students were asked were mind boggling.
He finished in the top ten and we are so proud of him!
Yesterday found me sitting in a dentist chair.
I had to have two cavities fixed; I am one of the few who does not mind the dentist at all.
Now that shot they give you that is another story. *ouch!*
So far so good for today.
Perhaps the week will finish out on a good note. >fingers crossed<
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