I received an email from my parents today telling me about their dog, Sasha.

Sasha is a westie and so full of spunk!
My parents bought her the year my oldest (Nate) was born.

She and Nate were pals when they were together on visits.

Nate loved to roll up in a ball, hide his face and let her come over and kiss him.

My youngest loves to play fetch with her. That is him in the picture with Sasha four years ago, when we went to visit them.

Sasha apparently had a lump on her tail.

My parents took her in and they were told it needed to be removed.

The lump however was quite large and there was not enough skin left to cover the wound.

With the size, not enough skin and fear that it is something else growing it was advised to have her tail removed.

What an agonizing decision to make, but in the end for Sasha’s sake they decided to remove her tail.

They will have biopsy results in seven days.

I had a good cry and now just hope for the best.

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