Beginning of the week…
Normally, I do not mind Mondays.
Today however started off in a hustle!
Our dog decided to wake me up at 3:30 to go outside.
Ten minutes later I crawl back to bed after letting him in, fall asleep, alarm rings at 5:45. *groan*
Hit the snooze button; wake up at 6, knowing full well I should get up for the day.
I said to myself just a few more minutes. >bad idea<
I wake at 7, I now have 30 minutes to make three lunches, get two kids dressed and out the door to drive one to elementary school and the other to middle school (thank goodness we live close to them).
Oldest is up, dressed and eating, youngest it still sound asleep.
Some how I manage, kids fed, lunches made, kids dropped off at schools, and dh’s breakfast made.
Arrive back home, make my breakfast, load up the dishwasher and enjoy a cup of hot tea.
I would love to curl up and get some more sleep (so sleepy) but there are other things that have to be done today.
Not the way I like to start a day, any day, but especially a Monday.
Joanna Schmidt said...

Hectic, but it sounds like your cup o' tea was a nice treat and reward for your efforts! :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

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