Handmade Treats

Hehe… you were more than likely thinking something to eat.


Nope, these handmade treats are for your skin.
I love to make cold process soaps, bath bombs, lip balms, salt/sugar scrubs, cream perfumes, bubble bars, and the list goes on.
I also enjoy to treating myself to goodies from my fellow soapmakers.

I received (by total surprise) a gift certificate to a site that I have been ooing and ahhhing over for quite some time from a wonderful friend.

Magic Hands Workshop in California has some stunning bars of soap.

It was a hard choice to narrow my selection down, but somehow I did.
My package arrived fast, all the soaps were shrink wrapped, and products labeled perfectly.
The first bar I tried was the Eucalyptus Sea Salt; I have a soft spot for salt bars. This bar creates so many wonderful bubbles and the fragrance is so relaxing. My skin feels so nice and soft once done. I cannot wait to try the remaining bars!
The other product I tried right away was the salt scrub in cucumber mint. What a great combination, so refreshing! The scrub is nice and thick, no need to stir up any of the oils. My skin was silky smooth and it felt so pampered when I was done. I have my bath bomb and all my other soaps lined up for use.

Mountain Suds Homemade Soaps & Candles is located in Virginia and she makes a killer lotion!

The lotion that I received was her hand aid version. Let me tell you this lotion is thick, creamy, soaks right in, and lasts. This has been the only lotion I have used this winter to help my poor dried out fingers. (Odd, I know) The fragrance of my lotion is Winter Apple and it so yummy. She offers many other wonderful items for your enjoyment.

I am quite pleased with my purchases and feel quite spoiled. Go ahead and try them if you are in the mood to pamper yourself, I am quite confident you will be pleased.

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