Wow, Iron Man Movie, Wow!!!


We finally went to see Iron Man today.

It was such a great movie!

Robert Downey Jr is one of my favorite actors and his performance was outstanding.

Gwyneth Paltrow was great as the assistant – “Pepper”.

Never once during the movie did I look at my watch to check the time nor did I squirm in my chair because I was a bit bored.

Nope, my full attention was on the movie and I actually did not want it to end.

I was happy to have found out that there will be two more Iran Man movies made!!

So why did we wait so long…

We have a great local movie theater where the seats are $2.00, yeah you read that correctly only $2.00.

They also offer a combo pack – 2 tickets, 2 large drinks and 1 large popcorn for $11.50!

So for the family to see a movie it is $23 and change. (That's if we all want the popcorn.)

Granted we have to wait about three weeks to see the blockbuster movies but it is a very small trade off.

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