Actually, it was more like, “ Uh, mom.”

Now, I was sitting on the couch watching The Bad News Bears (the remake) with Spencer and thinking about what to post tonight.

Spencer was sitting on the floor when he noticed a spider black dot cruising across the ceiling.

First he thought it was a roach (living in South Carolina you can sometimes have a Palmetto Bug get in *shudder* even though you spray for them), thank goodness it was not one.
Trust me, you would have heard the scream.

It was a medium sized black spider; needless to say both boys needed it taken care of immediately. Now, I am not a fan of spiders by any means. (Sorry to those of you who like them.) They both still need someone to terminate them and yes, that normally means me. I try to be brave but sometimes I give a bit of a squeak as I attend to the situation.

Tonight, it was done and over before anyone blinked.

We now return you to your Saturday night movie. *enjoy*

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