Summer Time Candy....

As a child my family always went camping down to the Indian River Camp Ground in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. (At that time we lived outside of Syracuse, NY.)

One special treat we pick up the day before we left was Salt Water Taffy. *yummy*

I remember my brother and I would sit in back of the station wagon and eat only the pieces we liked. (sounds familiar, right?)

As we got older, my dad became a bit wiser and allowed us to pick out our flavors instead of buying a premade box. *thumbs up*

My mother always seemed to do some damage with her teeth when she ate the taffy.

Last Friday after our long walk, we treated ourselves to some ice cream. (This is what also inspired us to buy our own ice cream maker.)

While waiting for our ice cream, I noticed a cardboard boat filled with bags of wonderful salt water taffy.

Heartfelt memories filled my head of summer fun, the beach and that wonderful candy.

Spencer saw me looking at the taffy, asked what it was and stated he had never had any.


How could I have not shared this summer fun with the boys after all these years?

That was going to change.

Dh purchased two bags and on our way home we broke into the candy.

First up, peach and it was just as good as I remembered.

Then I had to try the juicy pear..mmmm..

The boys both stated how it was a bit sticky but GOOD!

It is a hit with both kiddos. (I mean really, how could it not be?)

Dh ate one piece then asked for a licorice flavored one.

As he was chewing, he looks at me as said, “Ut-Oh!”


Yup, he broke his tooth.

Looks like all my memories were renewed with salt water taffy. lol..

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