Handy USB Vacuum

I would like you to stop reading right now and look at your desk.

Did you take a really good look at it?

I sure hope that you did.

So what did you see?

Crumbs perhaps from cookies, cupcakes, chips, bread, maybe even a stain from a drink?

Or perhaps you have a can/mug/cup/glass sitting there right now that needs to be taken away.

We all have to do it from time to time… that is, clean your desk.

Kinda sounds like parents, “Remember to clean up that room of yours.”

I can hear your grumbles and mine… yeah, right, sure, I’ll get it done.

Now, this little retro vacuum (too cool) can give you a helping hand.

Simply plug it in a USB port, start to vacuum and you will have a clean desk in no time. *wink*

You can now have a sparkling clean desk whenever you would like.

Not sure how many calories it will burn but *I* feel it should count for something right?

If you are interested in one, simply click here.

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