Hockey Town USA - Stanley Cup Winners


Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings for winning the Stanley Cup last night!!

The series was great this year (I thought), it is hard to see one team lose when they are both really playing their hearts out.

To the Pittsburgh Penguins – great job!

We had the chance three years ago to see the Stanley cup in person when we had our own ECHL team. (Let’s just say the new contract fell through at the last minute when we were told all was a go for another year. Grrrr…)

I was able to snap a quick picture with the boys by the cup (gosh, don't they look so young?).

I was surprised at the size of The Stanley Cup and really humbled to think about all the hard work that goes into winning it.

You were allowed to touch it, Spencer was totally amazed standing next to it and so I bent down and said, “You can touch it if you want.”

I still remember his words to this day.

Spencer (who was only seven at the time): “Naw, because I didn’t work for that right.”

What a proud mom moment.

Again, Super Job Detroit!

neutron said...

That's an awesome pic. On my 'to do' list.

p.s. Spencer is a star.

Sandy said...

Aww.. thanks. :)

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