Well, it is official as of today, we have a full fledged teenager in the house.
(I know scary right?!)
It seems like just yesterday that he was born.

He tends to give us a run for our money mentally (way too smart for his own good-this is true) but he has such a golden heart.
I'm not sure what these teen years hold for us but I am looking forward to watching him grow and mature.
He has his sites set high for his future and I only wish him the best.
We will be there to encourage him and dust him off when he stumbles.
It is not always being a parent but watching your child grow up is a wonderful experience.

Happy 13th Birthday Day Nate!!!

*pass the tissues please*

(pictures: 1.5yrs, 4yrs, 7yrs, 11yrs and this yr)
Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Nate!!! [Course, you really look more like 16, but your mom would be mad at me if she knew I thought that. :-) ]

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