Every so slowly....

I am getting back in the swing of things again from being away so long.
When I last posted last Wednesday, things were going along quite well and then it sort of grinded to a halt.
Autumn (our 16 yr old dog) took a flying leap off of our back porch-not good.
She was not walking correctly and her eye was twitching back and forth.
Off to the vet we went.
She has vestibular disease (in both eyes now) and is finally slowly getting better.
Long story short, her eyes are not focusing and moving horizontal without much muscle control. She needs to be taken in and out, plus Dramamine for motion sickness.
Not much more we can do for her but keep her calm and watch her.
Her hip is fine (thank goodness); she just bruised it and is on some Rhymadil for pain.

This has thrown a bit of a curve in our daily routines not to mention I am still really not sleeping very well. *sigh*

Fingers, knuckles and toes are crossed that things will smooth out this week and Autumn will pull through this without a hitch.

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