Mowing the lawn can be fun!

The boys actually fought over mowing the lawn while we were away.
You see my dad purchased a new mower this year that the boys just could not wait to get on.
I never heard a peep about how they had to wear ear protection while mowing (Nate used ear plugs) unlike what I get when they have to use the leaf blower at home.

The boys had four weeks of mowing fun and have been begging us to get one.
We do not have even 1/2 as much land or grass as my parents.
Sadly they must downgrade to our regular riding lawn mower, the horror!
Perhaps next year they will be able to use my dad's John Deere Utility Tractor.
*I can say that Nate tried but ended up tearing through one of my mom's flower garden. Oops!
Nope, he is not ready yet for that tractor.*

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