These are a few boxes of goodness we brought back with us from Pennsylvania.
Tastykakes are so.very.good.

My favorite is the strawberry krimpet *drool*. They are hard to find sometimes when we head back North but when I find a box, you can bet that I buy some! Oh! the Cream Filled Koffee Kakes are also very mouthwatering.

The boys like the jelly krimpets but will settle for a butterscotch krimpet.

In high school my lunch was a Tastykake brownie with chocolate milk, it really did not get any better than that.

They are a company that stated in 1914 in Philadelphia and make the best little snack cakes. *IMHO*

They were only really found around the Philly area but slowly they have been branching out to other areas of the country. Not to mention you can also purchase them online from the Tastykake website.
In the past few months we have been able to find them locally but not the jelly krimpets (only butterscotch and chocolate cupcakes). :-(
I opted to stock up on some, brink them home and freeze them, this way we can have them anytime we would like.

Oh! they also make a nice line of sugar free and low fat/100 calorie treats.

I highly recommend you give these little tasty treats a try!

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